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 Common referral matters involve:

  • Competency to Stand Trial 

  • Insanity/Criminal Responsibility 

  • Sentencing

  • Risk Assessment

  • Sex Offense Specific (Psychosexual Evaluation)

  • Parenting Capacity 

  • Juvenile Transfer/Waiver

  • Immigration-Related Evaluation 


Dr. Rodrigues accepts a variety of forensic evaluation referrals involving both juveniles and adults.

Dr. Rodrigues’ approach to forensic evaluations involves collecting information from multiple sources.  A typical evaluation will include a clinical interview with the examinee, collateral interviews, record review, and relevant psychological testing.  If you have questions regarding a possible referral, please call Dr. Rodrigues as he often helps refine referral questions and identify the appropriate resources.

Forensic Services



In addition to completing court-or-employment related evaluations, Dr. Rodrigues provides diagnostic evaluations for individuals experiencing distress or hoping to gain greater insight about themselves.


Dr. Rodrigues' approach to such evaluations is dependent on person and situation, but often includes a cognitive/intellectual assessment as well as measures assessing one's personality and emotional functioning.   Psychological assessment can be helpful for those individuals hoping to learn more about themselves or as an adjunct to therapy.  Therapists will often refer clients for a psychological assessment to gain a greater sense of the client's issues as part of a broader treatment plan.


Dr. Rodrigues is experienced in completing a variety of employment-related evaluations.  He previously worked alongside the Metropolitan Police Department (D.C.) providing therapy for officers and their families as well as responding on-scene for critical incident debriefings involving officer shootings and graphic crime scenes.  He also provides pre-employment and fitness for duty evaluations for government, law enforcement and civilian organizations.  Managers concerned about an employee’s behavior or recent performance decline are encouraged to contact Dr. Rodrigues in determining whether an evaluation would be beneficial. Employees experiencing distress display can variety of signs including, but not limited to:

  • Emotional outbursts

  • Frequent crying spells

  • Attendance issues

  • Frequent interpersonal conflict

  • Making threatening statements

  • Sudden decline in performance   

Psyc Eval
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